Ongoing projects

Ongoing projects

Social trust, participation, and perceived risks associated with shared mobility services. How to promote participation in shared mobility services in Hungary?

Research Leaders: Dr. Borbála Simonovits, Habil. Associate Professor of Intercultural Psychology and Pedagogy at the Faculty of Education and Psychology of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), and Prof. Csaba Csiszár, Professor at the Department of Transportation Technology and Transportation Economics, Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME).

The main question of the research is how to promote participation in shared mobility services. The goal is to develop a framework considering psychological, sociological, and transportation perspectives. The framework includes situational analysis, service planning, and impact analysis.

In cooperation with the ELTE Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology and the BME Faculty of Transport Engineering, attitudes and demand for shared services will be assessed and modelled, taking into account attitudes and mobility patterns. Based on these empirical results and collaboration with relevant shared mobility stakeholders and municipalities during the research, an improvement in service quality and an increase in willingness to use the services are expected from the research project.

The research is being conducted within the framework of the OTKA Research Grant (Project ID: K-147169) financed by the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund.

Project Duration: January 1, 2024 – December 31, 2027.

Horizon Europe (01/01/2023 - 12/31/2025)

PUSH*BACK*LASH acknowledges intersections between gender and other social categories such as disability, sexual orientation, religion, etc. in European societies at all stages of the project (theory formulation, empirical investigation, policy recommendations, and practical interventions). In doing so, the project understands anti-gender discourse as an attack on democracy, justice, and the European Union as a whole. It pursues the objective of studying engendering democratic theories from an intersectional perspective, anti-gender discursive strategies, and backlash tactics. It also engages in assessing strategies for countering anti-gender discourses and strengthening democratic values and practices, taking into account the role played by parties, social media and public opinion, policy recommendations, tools, and solutions for engendering democratic spaces from an intersectional perspective.

Teamleader: Mónika Kovács. Zsuzsanna Vidra
Project leader: Paris-Lodron Universität Salzburg


  • Paris-Lodron University of Salzburg (PLUS) (koordinátor);
  • The University of Amsterdam (UvA)
  • University of Exeter (UNEXE)
  • GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences (GESIS)
  • Gender 5+ (G5+)
  • Technical University of Dresden (TUD)
  • University of Valencia (UVEG)
  • Humanity in Action Poland (HiA)
  • YouGov (YOUGOV)
  • Theatre of the Oppressed Vienna (TdU)

EXCIITE - Enabling eXtremely Creative, Inclusive, Inspiring Teachers for Europe - Cooperation partnerships in school education
(01/11/2021 - 31/10/2024)

The project aims at improving creativity, inclusiveness, and equity in European schools. Whilst the ultimate beneficiaries of this project are the school pupils/students who will benefit from more inspiring and inclusive learning environments, EXCIITE addresses this aim by focusing on teachers’ competencies: it proposes a conceptual framework, concrete requalification paths for in-service teachers, and a set of methodological and organisational resources suitable to support the “creative and meaningful transition” of school systems, substantiating and enriching the required “digital transition”. Its objectives are: 1. To design a series of training modules that combine into flexible and personalized learning paths based on a self-assessment tool designed to help teachers recognize their own training needs. 2. To build a Hub for teacher training, consisting of a web repository of multilingual learning resources for teachers (building on what is already available in national teacher training agencies and at EU network level), to help them develop and practice creativity skills, learning innovation, self-regulatory learning, appreciation of diversity and social inclusion. 3. To create an alliance of teacher education institutions capable of collaborating transnationally and supporting the exchange of resources and good practices in the field of in-service teacher education.

ELTE Project manager: Orsolya Endrődy
Project leader: University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

- University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
- Fondazione Reggio Children
- IC Manzoni
- Örerbro Univeristy
- Oberta de Catalunya Univeristy
- Fondation Des Regions Europeennes Pour La Recherche En Education Et Enformation

STROLL - Walking the city streets online - virtual mobility project

The STROLL project will be implemented between April 2021 and March 2023 with the cooperation of 4 institutions from 3 countries. Its goal to develop and test an online course that takes place simultaneously at 3 universities in 3 countries, thereby allowing participating students and instructors to get to know 3 European cities within the framework of a virtual trip. The course related to the project can be taken as an elective course in the  2nd semester of the academic year 2021/2022. A detailed description is available here. The project is led by the Artemisszió Foundation, Budapest, Hungary with participants from the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, the University of Thessaly, Greece, and the Institute of Intercultural Psychology and Education of the Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Education and Psychology, Budapest, Hungary.

You can read more about the project on the Foundation's website here:

Project leader: dr. Krisztina Borsfay, assistant professor, from 1 August, 2022, dr. Orsolya Endrődy, assistant professor
Researchers: dr. Orsolya Endrődy, dr. Kinga Káplár-Kodácsy assistant professors, Pálma Farkas and dr. Nguyen Luu Lan Anh, university professor.

Administrator: Judit Szabó

The 2-year-long project is supported by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.

Downloadable documentations:

IO1 (Analysis Digital Teaching/learning)

IO1 (Good Practices)

IO2 (Syllabus)

IO3 (Case Study)

IO4 (Teaching Manual)

LS4VET (Lesson Study for VET) – Teachers’ Collaboration through Lesson Study for Improving the Quality of Vocational Education and Training

(Teaching Manual) 

This three-year-long international Erasmus+ project, coordinated by the Institute of Intercultural Psychology and Education of ELTE PPK and led by Prof. Dr. János Győri, aims to adapt the method of Lesson Study to the sector of vocational education and training. The adaptation process is carried out in a close collaboration of expert partners (university teacher educators) and VET schools in four partner countries (Hungary, Austria, the Netherlands and Malta). VET teachers are supported by formal training (an e-learning course) and mentoring to learn, adapt and pilot the method of Lesson Study in their own schools.

More information about the backrgound, obejctives and planned outcomes of the project is available here
The LS4VET project website is available here. Download the LS4VET flyer here.
Contact information:
project leader: Prof. Dr. János Győri (Institute of Intercultural Psychology and Education)
project coordinator: Eszter Bükki assistant research fellow (Institute of Education)

MICEP  - Mainstreaming Intercultural Competencies into Education Projects

The project aims to equip students in different specializations linked to education, training and social intervention with the conceptual and methodological foundation of intercultural approach and promote the transformation of acquired knowledge and theory into skills and competences. It aims to integrate an intercultural approach into educational and social intervention projects in their planning, their implementation and evaluation. Developing ICT based learning tools that enhance the sharing and collaborative development of practices in educational projects is also an important goal of the project.

Universite Paris XII VAL DE MARNE, France
Elan Interculturel, France
Mary Immaculate College, Ireland
Artemisszió Alapítvány, Hungary

International Credit Mobility

This grant application aims to include SNU researchers in the IIPE's OTKA supported research project on "Psychological aspects of international mobility in higher education: Adaptation and acculturation of students studying abroad", to create ground for development projects on the intercultural aspects of the internalization of higher eductaion. 

Seoul National University, College of Education, Department of Social Studies, 
Hue University, College of Education
Hanoi Metropolitan University
Chiang Mai University, Thailand
University Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Malaysia