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Who can I contact?

General Affairs relating to the Institute (IIPE)

Pálma Farkas Department administrator

farkas.palma@ppk.elte.hu / ippi@ppk.elte.hu

Affairs relating to Studies - Registrar's Office

Dávid Bardóczky Student affairs assistant


More information: https://www.ppk.elte.hu/en/student_administration/contact

Flóra Iskum International Coordinator


More information: https://www.ppk.elte.hu/en/units/nemzetkozi-iroda

About Courses and Education


Director of Institute (IIPE)

Student Administration


Academic Regulations for Students

The students’ standard rights and obligations are defined by the Act No. CCIV of 2011 on Higher Education and the related laws. Created on the basis of these, instructions of the Academic Regulation for Students are obligatory for every student and training activity of the University.
At the beginning of their studies during the process of student status establishment students sign a statement of being aware of this fact. The document can be found on the university's main webpage.

•32. (3) „The legal relation of the student status obliges the Student to comply with the law, the University’s regulations and in particular the present Regulations, and to meet the academic requirements of the faculty. As long as the Student status is valid, be it active or passive, the Student is obliged to use the Electronic Registration System and to read all information published therein, whether it is of general or personal concern.”

• 519. (4) „The student shall use the email address given in the Electronic Registration System during his/her correspondence with the university.”

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