Elective courses

2023/2024 II. Spring semester Elective courses

PPK-IPPI:13 Hungarian Culture: Narratives of Freedom and Oppression - 4 credits - Erzsébet Csereklye
The course invites you to get to know the Hungarian Culture and the country where you live. As part of your studies in this course you will be able to learn about Hungarian art, music, literature and films, guided by native professionals. It is an introductory course of the Hungarian Culture, from an intercultural perspective. Join the course if you recently arrived to Hungary and would like to get an insight to your host culture. The course will help you to build an international and intercultural social network and offers you an insider’s perspective.

PPK-IPPI:17 Prejudices, stereotypes and intergroup conflicts: Restorative techniques - 3 credits - Vidia Negrea
This course introduces students to the fundamental principles, philosophy, theories, practices, models and skills of restorative practices. Special emphasis will be placed on proactive and responsive circles, restorative conferencing and the informal application of these processes in cases where harm had happen or there is a need to develop healthy relationships and build community.  Students will learn about the potential for restorative justice and other restorative practices in varied settings including criminal justice, education and youth services, higher education, social work and workplaces.

PPK-IPPI:28 Internalization of Higher Education - 2 credits - Nazgul Sulaimanova
The course aims to provide students with knowledge, skills, and competences regarding global university policy. This course focuses on discussing internationalization involvement of the main actors and stakeholders in the higher education sector – students and faculty members – and their agency. A major takeaway of the course is the general awareness of this phenomenon and the ability to critically assess its conceptual alignment with the practice.