Interpersonal and Intercultural Psychology MA Specialization

Interculturalism has been playing an increasingly important role in the world of science, work and  everyday life. New social processes that partly result from migration, the increasing flow and mixing of people have given rise to a growing demand for intercultural knowledge. Realizing the role of culture is of fundamental importance in our understanding of the social world, therefore cultural sensitivity may be a profitable competence for experts working in different fields, and thus for psychologists as well.

In September 2017, the Institute for Intercultural Psychology and Education at ELTE University, Budapest, will launch a specialization program within the MA Program in Psychology with a focus on interpersonal and intercultural psychology. In addition to providing a theoretical basis of interculturalism, the program lays particular emphasis on applying theories to practice in different fields of psychology. By enabling students to manage diversity in a creative way, they will be prepared to make extensive use of their knowledge gained in the course of their training, either as researchers or practicing psychologists.

Programme director: Dr. Lan Anh Nguyen Luu associate professor, head of IIPE


Existentialist Psychology; Intergroup Relations; Cultural Aspects -Intercultural Relations; Cross-Cultural Research; Attachment Theories and Psychology of Relationships; Culture and Gender; Diversity in Organizations; Historical and Narrative Psychology; The Social Psychology of Minority Status; Globalization: Changing Identities and Challenges; Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication – Intercultural Competencies; Social media and social networks; Multicultural Counseling and Therapy; SensitivityTraining; Intercultural Training; RestorativeTraining; Training Methods; Fieldwork

Partners (Schools, NGO-s, and other organizations)

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Ady Endre Gimnázium
Artemisszió Foundation
Autonómia Foundation
Balint Jewish Community Center
Bartók Béla Conservatory of Music
Belvárosi Tanoda Foundation Secondary and Technical School
Berzsenyi Dániel Gimnázium
Centropa Foundation Hungary
Chance of Children Foundation project Józsefváros
CIKK Egyesület (Kőbánya)
Cordelia Foundation
Cromo Foundation
Csepp Afterschool of Csobánka (Csodaműhely Foundation)
DocuArt Film Centre
Domino Tanoda Csepel
Dr Ámbédkar School Hungary
ELTE  Rector's Cabinet International Office

Karinthy Frigyes Gimnázium
Kompánia Foundation (Domino Tanoda, Alternatíva)
Körösi Csoma Sándor Kéttannyelvű Általános Iskola
Labrisz Lesbian Association
Lauder Javne School
Marom Club Association/Auróra
Magyar-Kínai Kéttannyelvű Általános Iskola
Menedék - Hungarian Association for Migrants
Mh Líceum Alapítvány (Zöld Kakas)
Nem adom fel Alapítvány
Nyitott Kör színházi nevelési program
Nyitott Világ Iskola
Piliscsabai Tanoda
PPK International Office
Romaversitas Foundation
Snétberger Music Talent Center
Szakszervezeti Ifjúsági Szövetség
Than Károly Eco-School Secondary, Vocational and Technical School
Tom Lantos Institute
Van Helyed Alapítvány
Zachor Foundation