Thesis topics

Thesis topics

Guide MA Thesis

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About the thesis from choosing your topic to handing it in


Choosing your topic

The deadline for registering your thesis topic is 15 October (autumn semester) and 15 May (spring semester). The topic must be registered at least one semester before you plan to defend your thesis. You must choose a supervisor for your thesis, discuss the topic with him/her, and complete the Thesis registration form together. The supervisor can be any one of our colleagues or an expert from outside the university. Besides the approval of your supervisor, the head of the IPPI must also sign the registration form.

For orientation see the thesis topics here.

Ethical approval for your research

You can only start your actual research once it has been approved by the PPK KEB. Please consult the PPK KEB website for details:

When writing your thesis, it is extremely important to continuously discuss both theoretical and methodological issues with your supervisor. You can only hand in your thesis with written permission from your supervisor, and need to indicate the dates of at least four consultations.

If you have not studied research methodology previously, you must take the mentoring courses to help you master these skills. Your supervisor will discuss theoretical choices with you, but you must be able to conduct the data analysis for your thesis by yourself!

The thesis
The deadline for handing in your thesis is 20 April (spring semester) and 20 November (autumn semester). The requirements regarding the thesis format are available on the Faculty and IIPE websites (see 'Guide'). The thesis must follow “APA6” standards.

The thesis must be submitted in one hard copy and one spiral bound book, electronically on a CD in .pdf format. Please save it in the following format: "Surname_FirstName_Thesis.pdf". You must enclose the written approval of your supervisor and a statement that your thesis is your own, original work.

The student is responsible for knowing the regulations, respecting the deadline, obtaining the relevant documents and handing them in properly in time.



Suggested deadlines for the thesis





DEADLINE (recommended)

State examination in the spring semester

State examination in the autumn semester

Registering the topic of the thesis

15 October (previous semester)

15 May (previous semester)

Defining the concrete research topic, reading the literature, choosing the methodology

15 February

15 September


Ethical approval



15 February


15 September


15 March

15 October

Data analysis


31 March

30 October

Writing the actual text of the thesis


10 April

10 November

Handing in the thesis to the advisor for approval*

10 April

10 November

Handing in the thesis

20 April

20 November


* we can only guarantee the approval of the advisor if you hand the thesis in for approval by this date!